Stuff We Do

QarmaTek (™), pronounced “Karma - Tek” is derived from the Ancient Indian word Karmā . It combines "Action", "Deed", "Duty" and "Commitment" of our “samsara” a spiritual law representing the cycle of cause and effect, action and reaction, or continuous pursuit or flow of the cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth or reincarnation a form of spiritual “recycling” . QarmaTek (™) is the connection of Karma with the Technology of repair, refurb, and recycling of electronic products.

Centralized Repair Centre

Centralized repair gives QarmaTek better control over the repair activity through tighter inventory control and intensive training of engineers.

Logistic Service

Qarmatek has a strategic Partnership for API level IT integration with Fedex for PAN India forward and reverse pickup and delivery.

IT Infrastructure

A state-of art ERP system allows Qarmatek to integrate with customers' IT Systems with at API or FTP level for information exchange , invoicing, inventory control, RMA processing and documentation control.

What we repair?


DTH Electronics

Set Top Box, Remote Control repair


Printed Circuit Board

Micro Processor based Boards



We repair all major brands


Modem router

WiFi & Multi Port



Switching Power Supplies

QARMATEK The e-Services Mantra